About us

What we do

Learning should be active and enjoyable. Our learning experiences will keep you engaged and motivated so you return to work with knowledge you can apply immediately.

Henshall courses cater for all learning styles through intensive and fun ‘brain-friendly’ learning experiences. Every course blends exercises, group work, discussion, theory and case studies. Our classes take the form of immersive workshops which help people learn faster and retain information longer.

How we do it

We focus on helping you discover new information, learn effective practices and master processes based on sound theory. Our approach means you can take techniques back to the office and spread them amongst your team, rather than filling your head with theory you will forget the next day.

Our trainers start your learning process before you get to the course so you’re primed for better learning on the day. Each course comes with process documents, checklists and templates as well as a post-course workbook to remind you how to apply concepts to your work and help continue your learning.

Why we do it

We’re on a mission to make the world of work happier and help people balance business and fun. We exist to make our customers more motivated and successful at work. We work hard to make sure our learning experiences, coaching and advice have a positive impact on people’s lives.

When it started

The centre was founded in 1988 by Keith Henshall, a former president of the IPR (now CIPR) and Maureen Henshall, a lecturer in educational theory.

In 1988, Keith Henshall founded this training company with educational theorist Maureen Henshall. They wanted to change the way people trained in PR in a time when companies were rapidly shifting their budgets from advertising to PR. They retired to their lovely Florida home after training director Liton Ali took over the company in 2017.

Where we work

Our open courses are held at our training centre in Vauxhall. We also run private courses for clients across the UK and Europe. Here are some snapshots from recent workshops.


Emily Murphy-Wearmouth

Emily Murphy-Wearmouth


Emily is a communications consultant with a strong focus on PR and external communications. In recent years her work has spanned the digital, marketing and communications disciplines.

Liton Ali

Liton Ali

Liton‘s a professional training designer. He’s got a simple job - to help our coaches make their workshops and content as engaging, fun and effective as possible.

Midge Bennett

Midge Bennett

Midge helps companies manage their business growth processes and develop their sales skills. He may gently beat stereotypical salesperson behaviour out of you.

Josie Herbert

Josie Herbert

Josie joined us at Henshall Centre after taking many courses over the years. She’s been a freelance PR consultant for more than 15 years and runs our PR basics workshops.