Do you deliver well-designed learning experiences? Are you an active practitioner or consultant rather than an academic?

Maybe you could join us.

We’re looking for freelance tutors and coaches to run some of our existing courses – from copywriting to management. If you’ve got your own course that could complement our offering, we’d love to talk to you too.

Learning experiences, not boring lectures

Our workshops use well designed games, stories, exercises and structured discussions to help people learn and retain things properly. We differentiate our company by providing unforgettable learning experiences that adapt to individual learning needs.

We teach small groups in order to give each person the attention they deserve in a professional course. That means you can’t spend your time presenting and need to be flexible and empathetic enough to understand and respond to the group’s real needs.

Things you should do

– Work hard to motivate people
– Understand different learning styles
– Facilitate ‘whole-brain learning’
– Have experience of big and small companies
– Can keep people engaged for long periods

Things you won’t do

– Lecture people for hours
– Cram information into people’s heads
– Use PowerPoint files as lesson plans
– Read PowerPoint slides out all day
– Rush people through material to fit it all in

The Henshall Standard

As one of our tutors, you must attend at least two of our tutor-standards courses a year. They’ll help you improve your training style and give you templates and resources that will help you align your training to Henshall Centre’s methods.

If you want to get involved with us, please contact Liton Ali, Training Director: 020 7164 6405 or liton @