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The worst four-letter word of all? It’s ‘v***’

When I’m reviewing a copywriter’s work, there’s often a particular word that leaps out at me as the most offensive expletive on the whole page: ‘very’. Expletives include more than swear words. They’re defined as words that add no meaning to a sentence, other than to communicate the strength of the writer’s feelings. Which means […]

Henshall Centre changes hands

Henshall Centre has a new owner – our director of learning, Liton Ali, completed a buyout on 2nd June 2017. Having started in 1988, our founders, Keith and Maureen Henshall retired, leaving us as one of the UK’s leading PR training companies. Liton continues our mission to make the communications community more motivated, successful and […]

Ask the trainer – Guy Clapperton on writing

When he’s not writing for big-name publications such as New Statesman, freelance journalist, author and trainer Guy Clapperton runs various writing and media skills workshops. I asked him some of your questions about good writing.

Meet our trainers – Luke Murphy

Luke Murphy is well known for creative content production, influencer relations, user experience and design. You’ll find him teaching and speaking about social media, design and digital best practices at conferences around the UK and Europe.

Create your own brand-sponsored-scientific-nonsense-fact day

‘Blue Monday’ depression isn’t real – it’s another corporate creation, like National Twerking Day,* but some journalists can’t get enough of it. You can come up with this kind of guff too; you just need to follow a good pseudo-scientific method. The Blue Monday story was created in 2005 by Sky Travel, a travel agent […]