Spend a day looking at how your team can increase the impact of its work while becoming more efficient and effective. This one day workshop will help you get more done in the time you have when emails, client requests, deadlines and meetings are never-ending. Using smart working processes, your team will learn to prioritise the right things while identifying then automating or eliminating tasks that waste time.

While the workshop is all about finding the focus to do meaningful work, we’ll also look at how to cope with being overloaded and particularly, how to stop taking on more when you’ve got enough to do.

Our accelerated learning system will help you pick up new skills faster and retain them for longer. Don’t expect long bullet-point-powered lectures from us – we’ll make you do most of the work so you can use your improved skills immediately.


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Using prioritisation systems

Making to-do lists more effective

Decluttering your workload

How to stop procrastinating

How to find focus and flow at work

Why you’ve got multitasking wrong and how to do it properly

Project management communication techniques

Negotiating requests for your time and deadlines

Using project management frameworks for tasks


Solving a time management crisis

Managing expectations

Teaching your team how to manage time

What to do when worrying stops you getting things done

Writing emails that make everyone’s lives easier

How to have more successful meetings

Planning for communications

Achieving a better work-life balance

Defining project scopes and managing ‘creep’


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