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Why I love training – Guy Clapperton

The reason I became a part-time trainer, as well as a journalist in 2002, was very straightforward. I’d just had a bank statement and was therefore about to reach for the brandy and revolver (but realised I didn’t have either and couldn’t afford them). The phone went; it was Microsoft’s PR people, asking whether I offered media training

What's the worst four-letter word?

The worst four-letter word of all? It’s ‘v***’

When I’m reviewing a copywriter’s work, there’s often a particular word that leaps out at me as the most offensive expletive on the whole page: ‘very’. Expletives include more than swear words. They’re defined as words that add no meaning to a sentence, other than to communicate the strength of the writer’s feelings. Which means […]

How to create a time management system for your company

How to create a time management system for your company

Employers expect their people to have a good handle on their time by default. That’s a lovely wish, but it’s also the reason I spend a lot of my time teaching people how to manage theirsWhile I like my productivity courses, I’d really love to see companies preventing time management problems instead of trying to fix individuals through training.

Henshall Centre changes hands

Henshall Centre has a new owner – our director of learning, Liton Ali, completed a buyout on 2nd June 2017. Having started in 1988, our founders, Keith and Maureen Henshall retired, leaving us as one of the UK’s leading PR training companies. Liton continues our mission to make the communications community more motivated, successful and […]

Neuroscience for learning – don’t believe the neuro-hype

There’s a vast amount of information available right now about neuroscience in the world of learning and training. As trainers, coaches and development specialists, we’re all excited by how it might apply to us, but differentiating the ‘neuromyths’ and ‘neuro-hype’ from valuable information can be hard.

If a journalist rejects your pitch – is it worth another go?

Did you get a big fat no from a journalist when you pitched a story? If so, don’t take it personally. It may not be a ‘hard no’.

Writing resolutions

Don’t just resolve this January, plan to achieve

What did you resolve to do at work this year? Something drastic like change careers? Or look for a new job?

Being a charity trustee – meaningful voluntary work that pays back

If you haven’t volunteered because you don’t like the idea of stuffing envelopes or rattling collection boxes – you’ve got the wrong idea. Charitable organisations have sophisticated business needs with limited budgets to meet them.

The ten-minute persona-creator

Creating audience/reader personas can take months, but we’ve got a tool (from our content marketing courses) that will help you make them in minutes.

Our new PR coach: Nicole Love-Lloyd

Our new PR coach Nicole Love-Lloyd has joined us to run PR strategy and crisis communications workshops .

SOSTAC Planning System

SOSTAC – a PR planning system

SOSTAC is a simple and brilliant marketing plan structure that is easily adapted for PR.

Managing my time better – after the course

LinkedIn’s Lucy Wren recently joined our time management workshop. Find out what she learned.

Are you managing total Muppets?

If you think you’re managing an “absolute Muppet”, don’t think you can’t do anything about it.

Use surveys to tell compelling stories

Surveys are an evergreen PR tool. But are you using them properly?

PR Degree vs PR Experience

Bournemouth University graduate Lena Palmer has one of the UK’s best PR degrees, but has it helped her much at work?

Ask the trainer – Guy Clapperton on writing

When he’s not writing for big-name publications such as New Statesman, freelance journalist, author and trainer Guy Clapperton runs various writing and media skills workshops. I asked him some of your questions about good writing.

How to match PR writing with journalists’ work

People often ask me how “PR writing” differs from other writing. At base, it doesn’t; both disciplines aim to tell a story as effectively as possible. PR writers simply have to adjust their work to match a journalist’s writing process rather than their end product. For both journalism and PR, understanding how the audience want […]

A Strategy Hack for Account Directors

Your client’s bugging you for strategic responses but you’re not quite sure what strategy is…

New Henshall Centre Course Certificates

We’re about send some of our redesigned certificates to recent visitors. They’re pretty.


Meet our trainers – Luke Murphy

Luke Murphy is well known for creative content production, influencer relations, user experience and design. You’ll find him teaching and speaking about social media, design and digital best practices at conferences around the UK and Europe.

JournoRequests – what’s it all about?

Although its got big name users such as Cancer Research, Frank PR and Edelman; this PR tool was made by a couple of techies with no PR experience.

When’s the best time to look for a job?

One of the most common questions a candidate will ask me at the end of an interview is “is this a good time to be looking for a new job?”

Create your own brand-sponsored-scientific-nonsense-fact day

‘Blue Monday’ depression isn’t real – it’s another corporate creation, like National Twerking Day,* but some journalists can’t get enough of it. You can come up with this kind of guff too; you just need to follow a good pseudo-scientific method. The Blue Monday story was created in 2005 by Sky Travel, a travel agent […]

How Plasticine pigs teach delegation

Delegation can be a really boring subject in management training courses and one that most people lecture about. Here’s an activity we designed at Henshall Centre to make the most effective method of delegation unforgettable.

Looking for new trainers

We’re looking for new trainers to deliver some of our existing courses and bring some new ideas. We also need coaches for the service we’re launching next year.

Case Study – LinkedIn Communications Training

LinkedIn’s European Media Solutions team hired us to sharpen its communication skills in summer 2015. Our bespoke workshop taught the team catchy, simple ‘hacks’ that are easy to recall and use.

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