Training is too lazy and needs to be held to account, says our new director

Communications consultant Emily Murphy-Wearmouth has joined us as partner to help communications agencies change their approach to learning and development.

Who is Emily Murphy-Wearmouth?

Emily has been one of our subject experts for the last three years and joins us this month as a partner. We asked her to tell us the story of her career.

Henshall Centre changes hands

Henshall Centre has a new owner – our director of learning, Liton Ali, completed a buyout on 2nd June 2017. Having started in 1988, our founders, Keith and Maureen Henshall retired, leaving us as one of the UK’s leading PR training companies.…

Our new PR coach: Nicole Love-Lloyd

Our new PR coach Nicole Love-Lloyd has joined us to run PR strategy and crisis communications workshops .

JournoRequests - what's it all about?

Although its got big name users such as Cancer Research, Frank PR and Edelman; this PR tool was made by a couple of techies with no PR experience.