Don’t just resolve this January, plan to achieve

Writing resolutions

What did you resolve to do at work this year? Something drastic like change careers? Or look for a new job?

Or something less dramatic – maybe to learn a new skill for an upcoming project. Resolutions are nice, but how about making them concrete by setting some job and career objectives, then agreeing with your manager how to achieve them? If you haven’t had a session with your manager agreeing 2017’s job and career objectives, now is the time to plan (and impress them with your proactivity).

Get started

As a people manager for over 25 years, I’ve always loved it when my team members proactively set objectives and planned how they would hit them, be those sales targets, client wins or a promotion. Let’s say you want to learn something new this year – try this approach to get moving:

Step one – Suggest and agree some key personal and team objectives that would help your manager deliver their business objectives.

Step two – Identify any skill that you or your team need to develop to deliver those objectives, be that increasing client wins and satisfaction, or raising the skills and productivity of your people.

Step three – Once you have agreed these with your manager, you will need to identify how you will gain these skills. Training can now be delivered in a variety of formats, so present a blended learning package to your manager that will deliver your needs in an engaging, enjoyable and (cost) effective way. This does not mean lots of days out of the office anymore.

Step four – Finally, you need to track and report progress against key objectives on a regular basis, to your manager and team. Celebrate success regularly.

Let me know what you’ve planned, or get in touch if you need some inspiration.