Is there a course that will make my staff become more strategic and confident?

Learning that fits the busy agency schedule

Future Leaders is a half-day event for communications agency account managers, designed to help them develop the leadership skills that will help them excel.

We created it based on the way senior professionals learn – which isn’t usually day-long courses. Instead, they choose learning that’s both topical and intensive, inspires them, combines with peer networking, helps them solve current problems and gives them a few things to try out immediately. Importantly, this learning isn’t isolated – things are revisited, and coaching relationships are built over time to ensure retention, adaptation to the individual and proficiency.

That’s exactly what Future Leaders is, focused on talented account managers and senior account managers.

Each quarterly session focuses on a specific theme and includes a short workshop with a subject expert, group coaching and guided social learning. We vet the people that come along to this group because it’s meant for high performers.