Are you managing total Muppets?

If you think you’re managing an “absolute Muppet”, don’t think you can’t do anything about it.

You’re a manager – it’s your job to change what you think is going wrong. Good managers realise it’s not a person, but their behaviour and attitudes that cause most work problems.

Accept that you can’t change this person or their attitudes. You won’t change their behaviour either, but you may be able to help them change the way they behave. Changes in behaviour are more measurable than changes in attitude, so they’re easier to manage.

Work with them on gradually changing their actions by giving them achievable goals and incentives, processes and structure to help them succeed, and appropriate praise and reprimands.

It may take a while, but changes in the way this person behaves will lead to changes in their attitude towards their actions and overall impact at work. They will improve their own performance long term and you’ll probably find there’s one less Muppet in your cast.

However, your Muppet may always be a Muppet. The important thing is they won’t act like a Muppet at work.

This is based on a conversation I had at a management workshop recently. Picture: fresh from the Henshall Centre management course flipchart.