NEXT WORKSHOP - 26th March 2019

Improve your media pitches through practice and coaching. You’ll learn to get journalists' attention, overcome your nerves and sell your stories effectively.

Your phone and email media pitches are guaranteed to be more effective after this course. Whether you’ve been pitching stories for a while or are about to start your first sell-in, spending a day with our pitching coaches will give you the tactics and confidence you need to get better results from media pitches. 

We'll help you prepare for the pitches you'll have to make when you're back at work.

Bullet-point heavy lectures are banned. We use active, visual and interesting methods.

Fun helps you learn, so we incorporate theory into activities and games. 

You’ll look at phone and email pitches from both the journalist and PR point of view, so you know what makes a winning pitch.

Our coaches create a comfortable and private space where you can practise pitching without fear of failing or looking stupid. We’ll teach you how to come up with excellent media pitches and improve your phone pitching style through practice with a journalist.

Media pitching course content

Plan excellent pitches

- Come up with strong stories and angles
- Craft irresistible stories for your target audience
- Choose the right structure for relevant publications
- Choosing the best times and communication channels

Pitch writing skills

- How to write subject lines that get your email opened
- Write brilliant introductions and strong calls to action
- How to keep pitches short and to the point

Phone pitching skills

- Deliver a compelling story quickly
- Build rapport over the phone 
- Close the pitch and follow up
- Dealing with your nerves
- Working with difficult journalists
- Dealing with rejection and negative reactions

The experience

Pitching to the media is tough in real life, but we’re here to set you up for success gently. While sharpening your pitching style, the workshop is designed to motivate you and increase your confidence, so expect an active, supportive and fun learning experience. You’ll be writing email pitches, working in small groups and pitching stories over the phone.







One day

10:00 to 4:00

Henshall Centre, Albert Embankment, Vauxhall,
London SE1 7TY


To enquire about our next course or book your place, call us on 020 7164 6405 or leave your details and we'll contact you.