Our new PR coach: Nicole Love-Lloyd

We’re welcoming PR coach Nicole Love-Lloyd to our team this month. She’s here to run PR strategy and crisis communications workshops and will also coach and mentor mid-level and senior PR professionals. Nicole’s an agency specialist, having set up her own. She’s also been at Ogilvy and Halpern and even managed campaigns at Westminster Council.

Nicole’s helping us develop a complete set of specialist learning experiences for PR agencies. We’ve continually updated our Effective Account Director and Effective Account Manager courses for over 20 years. Nicole’s working on open courses for the next tier of agency management.

She’s already brought a load of fun to Henshall Centre – we think you should get to know her.

Questions and answers

What do you love about training?

We’ve all heard of those words – those who can do and those who can’t teach. Well, that’s why I think old school teacher/ student training courses no longer have a place. Training is getting in a room and working together towards a common problem and having fun along the way. Real people interacting with real tasks, coming up with real ways to do things better.

What’s your specialist area?

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked both agency and in-house on shampoo brands to data-houses, so my area of expertise is taking experience from the real world and putting them into a training environment so other people can benefit from what I’ve learned.

What’s your PR super-power?

Client management, creative strategy, media management and what every good PR should have in their back pocket: crisis communications.

What’s the most important thing PR people should learn?

To be curious! PR is a unique career, the skills you learn can cross industries without retraining.  PRs have the opportunity to specialise in so many areas, so get involved.  Never stop learning and then you’ll never get bored.

Why did you decide to go into coaching?

After setting up and running an agency, two years ago I went into freelance consulting. I love it as it’s given me the opportunity to work with a more diverse group of clients, but I miss the team element. Coaching means I get that – I love getting to know new people, hearing new problems and coming up with new ideas.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

I could say winning multi-million-pound briefs or setting up an agency, but loads of people have done that. It has to be getting a double page feature of my then boyfriend (now husband) in The Sun with the headline Britain’s Biggest Love Loser. I’ll tell you the full story over a glass of wine 😉

What attracts you to working with agencies?

While I’ve worked in-house, it’s given me some great insights as to what a client wants I’m an agency girl at heart. We have to remember it’s a business and PR is what we sell. Working with PRs to be more confident, productive and stand out from the crowd is the best bit of the job.

Join Nicole on our PR strategy course.

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