Dane Adams, LinkedIn

“The presentations course was an engaging, practical and fun day which sharpened and developed my presenting skills. Our coach provided key practical takeaways to build confidence, present an idea effectively with the correct body language. Henshall Centre’s environment is relaxed and open, which I found conducive to improving my presenting skills.”

Dane joined a group for advanced presentations coaching

Siobhain Tinney, Spencer-Ogden

“Since the workshop, I feel like I have a lot more confidence. The one-day course gave me a foundation of knowledge that I can always draw on, that I lacked before. The course exceeded my expectations of what I thought I’d get out of it, and has certainly helped my PR career.

I liked how the workshop was a small group. There was plenty of one-to-one training, and time for each participant to do practical challenges, or talk through situations where I needed further guidance.

The structure of the workshop certainly helped. We participated in a range of activities the morning, and by the afternoon we were able to come up with solutions to all of our media pitching challenges.

Our trainer Liton was fantastic. He has a wealth of experience across the PR spectrum and knows the industry inside out. He is also one of the best teachers I’ve had the privilege of learning from. I can still hear his voice in the back of my mind, telling me to confront my fears when I approach new journalists.

I would recommend this workshop to all PR professionals who want to improve their skills – it’s well worth the investment. I was so impressed, and have already signed up to another course.”

Siobhain is Spencer Ogden’s content and PR manager. She joined our Media Pitching workshop in July 2017.

Holly Allen, Pumpkin PR

When it came to actually attending the PR writing course I had signed up for, I was starting to regret it, not because I didn’t want to learn but because I thought it would be like every other course I’d been on – boring! I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The trainer made the course fun and engaging by using topical, interesting and humorous examples/exercises that were enjoyable and really kept my attention. I was encouraged to apply what I was being taught in class to my own job role, making the learning completely relatable to me and easier to digest.

I would highly recommend the PR writing course to those wanting to improve their basic skills or have taken up PR as part of their job role. Since completing the course, my writing and press liaison have significantly improved which has led to a promotion at work. They also have really great snacks!

Lena Palmer, MidKent College

“Our course leader mixed theory, practical examples and discussions to show us the best ways of tailoring your content, making your writing more interesting, and got us thinking in a big way about how much we really know about our audience.”

Lena took part in our PR and Content Marketing writing course.

Imogen Eaton, Mexia

You may be pleased to hear that I have been promoted to Account Manager here at Mexia – I put this down to your excellent training course! Now I have to put it all into practice. So thanks again for your pearls of wisdom.

Imogen joined us for The Effective Account Manager workshop.

Martin Gritton, Racepoint Group

I have managed to utilise a lot of your advice when training junior colleagues and implementing processes to help address issues with other team members. So thank you!

Martin took part in The Effective Account Manager course for PR agencies.

Julie Dickinson, Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board

“For the first time when attending a training course I felt fully engaged throughout the day, never feeling bored or distracted. Henshall Centre’s Liton has a great way of explaining things and I enjoyed the interactive style of training. I left feeling inspired to put my learnings into practice!”

Chloe French, Direct Line

“I found my course to be the most useful, practically, that I have attended to date. I feel like I can put in to practice clear objective-setting for my agencies and understand more about the way that they work so that I can get the maximum value from my money and their time.

All of this should help encourage improved results in terms of coverage.”

Chloe came to Getting the Best from your PR Agencies.

Phoebe May, Amara

“The PR Essentials course provided the perfect opportunity to learn about different areas of the PR industry. The sessions were engaging and reassuring, which provides a friendly learning environment. With this being my first ever course, I was very impressed.”

Emily Tatham, ReThink Group

“My initial lack of experience didn’t really seem to matter since it was such an open environment that I didn’t feel as though I couldn’t contribute. The training was paced really well, and although it was quite intensive it never felt too much.”